Zombilution Zombilution

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Control the zombie horde and finish up all humans!

Version: 1.2
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Echidna Company

Game screenshots:


Zombilution description:

Zombilution zombie different from the rest of the game. Scape and using all kinds of weapons to kill all the undead used to be human, but this time it’s different…
Zombilution put yourself in the shoes of a zombie. On the outside there’s a manhunt and control of the zombie horde.
The Horde zombie leader and hunt people to different places, the barriers the enemy lock, etc, send them to the set.
In this game, Washington DC, 7 real maps in the lobby. 6 different power levels for 8 different face and surviving through the crowd, as long as you pass the levels you’ll have to fight against the stronger survivors.
It’s a really good game that offers a new way to play zombie games zombilution. On the other side, fresh ideas, and feeling part of the blood challenge.
Prey, to consume, to thrive and discover the dark secret behind the origin of the epidemic and conspiracy.

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