Zombie Shooter 2 Zombie Shooter 2

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Kill hundreds of zombies to save the city!

Licence: Trial
Publisher: Sigma-Team

Game screenshots:

Zombie Shooter 2

Zombie Shooter 2 description:

Imagine coming to visit in a new city on holidays, dear friend, and a ruined place full of zombies that are trying to kill you when it comes to finding. Zombie Shooter 2 will start playing.
6 between the present Play, and then select your skills when you are playing the game, select the character you want to power your weapons and buy. Moore u.. have to buy 60 more distinct and powerful weapons Bullet action and blood sure that you will notice in the first two seconds of the game.
The sound of the game is very good and bloody scary level of graphics and a city that will draw you in. Character skills and weapons depends on the character you choose. Meanwhile, if to be the best in the business, a fire, or struggle with other skills, you can decide if.
Enemies will be in front of large crowds, actually you can find even more than 100 zombies at a time on the script. As long as you go through the levels, upgrade the parameters of the main character, incredible weapons to use the vehicle to drive the enemy…
Gunpowder and ammunition, all those zombies and listen you alone, so reload your gun and they’re going to start the only sound I don’t want to let the massacre.

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