Zombie Movie Zombie Movie

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Film the best zombie movie ever!

Licence: Free
Publisher: NextDoorGames

Game screenshots:

Zombie Movie
Zombie Movie
Zombie Movie

Zombie Movie description:

A zombie movie a zombie movie in which the player in the role of a movie star who wanted to make a different type of zombie killing game. The problem is, to add more realism to this film, zombies are real.
Thus, the director is in a park full of zombies that you drop, equips you with a pistol and tells you to kill as many zombies as you can. In the meantime, follow first-aid kits and ammunition as the helicopter that dropped you off and you don’t take. Also, the helicopter nearest€™s shadow, the more points you will receive.
Eventually the zombies have ended his life, the game, in the end, all your statistics with how long it took to get a report on how many zombies killed in a First-Aid Kit use, you see and may be. And the best thing about it, you will be able to read some excerpts of reviews on the movie.
The zombies in this movie, although it has very simple graphics, very fun game that provides tons of fun. That makes this game so fun the game is very simple, but your security fully.

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