Zombie Football Carnage Zombie Football Carnage

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Destroy Zombies!!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Milkstone Studios

Game screenshots:

Zombie Football Carnage
Zombie Football Carnage

Zombie Football Carnage description:

Zombie Football Carnage is never off hordes of zombies and other creatures in the attempt to end your life in some area, which will have to face the ending is an action game.
Fifteen different weapons to confront the enemies and crush them completely in order for the lead character, you can use this bad football player. New abilities and weapons to help yourself to use different power-ups you can buy.
The game is more difficult than usual, and blood-thirsty bosses in between you will find a couple of different types of enemies, 17 comes with a handful of levels that will have to face.
The graphics of the game are simple, although the amazing Castle Crashers add much charm and reminiscence. Beautiful designs, fluid animations, everything is working perfect in this department.
Zombie football manager is a separate component with a long-lived player, you can also use it to compare the scores of people all over the world that offer online classification scheme is a very entertaining game.

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