Zero-K Zero-K

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Free, quality real time strategy!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Licho

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Zero-K description:

Zero-K is actually today’s real-time strategy I moved slowly until it becomes a standard and the spiritual successor to Commander-in-chief) of the total destruction that is based on open source, free, real-time strategy game.
Most conflicts in Zero-K is approximately half an hour, so your goal is to have full control of the map there (both human and artificial intelligence) will be the last to finish the rest of the bands.
Only one unit: the commander, we’ll start each game with. From there, you can build a number of factories to create all kinds of new units (metals and energy) resources you need to collect. There are more than fifty species in total, the terrain robots, ships, planes, and more.
Zero-K includes various game modes. The internet against other users ‘Planet Wars’ – like ‘Chickens’ that the world will face in a typical melee mode and persistent mode. Both are great and a lot of extra mileage out of the game.
Zero-K is one of the best games in terms of real-time strategy. The game is not completely free, but almost always depends on the players. to play the game so you will not feel any difficulty in finding.

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