Zelda Classic Zelda Classic

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Play Zelda for free on your computer!

Version: 2.50
Licence: Free
Publisher: Armaggedon Games

Game screenshots:

Zelda Classic
Zelda Classic
Zelda Classic

Zelda Classic description:

Zelda of Zelda classic NES version of the original, perfect for modern operating systems is designed to allow you to enjoy all the magic of The Legend of Zelda on your computer.
The game has many new features, and is available through the launcher that came with it just the original version, which comes with improvements in. In addition to many other options, screen resolution, type, Window color you can set.
Also, a great feature that really comes in Classic Zelda, and even Zelda map editor lets you create your own campaign levels and change them.
As in the original game: we’re waiting for, and by putting this information aside from what is original about the game story line, Zelda classic is exactly, but designed so you can play it by just double clicking the shortcut on the Desktop On your keyboard.
Currently the classic Zelda saga is one of the best ways to play the original game. Game enthusiasts indispensable and truly love the whole nostalgic experience for young people to explore new worlds and reduce those who do not will provide.

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