ZDoom ZDoom

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An improved port for the Doom source code!

Version: 2.8.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Randy Heit

Game screenshots:


ZDoom description:

Official Doom source code for an enhanced Doom port. The original engine is designed to work perfect with any version of Windows 95, and then in terms of adds some other improvements.
It is important to remember that only a zoom engine. In other words, the game itself is not. Instead, use the engine Doom, Ultimate Doom, Dom 2, Heretic, Hexen, and capable of running all the games you like, as long as you own the original files.
Some of the most significant developments (down/up) support for higher resolutions, improved textures and extended, free, and transparent objects.
Zoom is the best way to enjoy Doom. Up to seven other players into a multiplayer game or a single player campaign with a jump start if you want to Zoom to must go.

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