Zandronum Zandronum

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The best way to enjoy Doom in all its splendor!

Version: 2.1.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Zandronum Team

Game screenshots:


Zandronum description:

I Zandro in the best possible way to enjoy them (and its derivatives) is a client that allows you to upload all the doom files. Most importantly, I’m Zandro allows you to play Doom online with other players around the world.
All you need to do before using any search engine I use, which you can download Zandro ‘$ 2 WAD” file. Dramatically enhances the game experience, because this, if possible, it is nice to have the mod Brutal Doom. (As opposed to wad () this mode, you can download Uptodown.
Once all the files after downloading, just place it in a folder and ‘file path on the Settings tab label. Then, usually shoot one of the many active and select a server.
Find a server that uses files that you don’t have sometimes, but don’t worry it may be. Automatically downloads the missing files you can play on virtually any server to find I’m one of the big advantages Zandro.
I’m Zandro Provision (and its derivatives) is a fast and easy way to play online. Two modes: cooperative, popular or ‘Deathmatch’ play. And if you’re looking for if you can’t find exactly the game, all you need to do a set for yourself.

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