Xfire Xfire

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An IM client for PC gamers!

Licence: Free
Publisher: xfire

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Xfire description:

Xfire for PC gamers who want to stay online and chat with people during the game is the solution. Playing the game also comes with various options such as the possibility to take screenshots or even video.
Once installed, the client will detect games installed on your hard drive and shows a list to manage them. Also, people play for the online game, a person every few hours and you will see a list of which. You can chat with any chat client in a separate window.
Your Xfire friends while playing the game or even invited to play a message game that allows you to see non-intrusive notification system. This is an alternative to platforms such as Steam or Origin, this makes for games that are not supported by. Actually some of the most played games on Xfire legend, known world of Warcraft and League.

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