Xenonauts Xenonauts

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The fight against aliens never stops!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: GoldhawkInteractive

Game screenshots:


Xenonauts description:

The Xenonauts to defend the world against an alien invasion, which will cause the legendary X-COM saga, a turn-based strategy game, a worthy successor.
The game is divided into two main stages. First, all available resources to manage research and management of numerous menus the game is definitely pure-strategy part will be placed.
In the second stage, flat as well as typical people in a manner you will control a team of occupation troops in the face of war, Jagged Alliance and X-COM like strategy based games.
To insert the game€™s graphics are very strange appearance, with great visuals and very detailed and complex models, which fits perfectly with the setting. There is some room for improvement in one piece of special effects, such as explosions and fire, still the results are quite good.
Xenonauts€™s just X-Com is generally hard fans, but fans-based strategy games-strategy game that won’t have great appeal.

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