Wrestling Encore Wrestling Encore

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Jump into the ring and fight wrestler’s from around the world!

Version: 1.6
Licence: Trial
Publisher: MDickie

Game screenshots:

Wrestling Encore
Wrestling Encore

Wrestling Encore description:

Many wrestlers from around the world test your skills on the ring with wrestling encore you can create a 3D wrestling game.
Before the game, dozens of the details, such as location, ring type, spectators, referees, and much more, you can choose to fight. Also at your disposal a wide cast of wrestlers it has, and therefore you can choose to compete as a character.
Wrestler may check from time to time difficult despite the many options available, there are some problems to be able to play a couple of Encore Wrestling.
Like other classics, it’s not just fun, wrestling encore because of the high number of customization options includes a fun game, but it’s the truth.

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