Wikirunner Wikirunner

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Chase the runner through Wikipedia!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Trevor Fountain

Game screenshots:

Wikirunner description:

Fast runner wiki world, Wikipedia is one of the most famous sites are able to show how to navigate an unusual game.
Runner wiki two players: a running back. The runner every Chaser has to reach the same page by using internal links of the Wikipedia article. Also the runner chaser using internal links you have to escape.
Seems simple, doesn’t it? In practice it is not easy. Aside from the difficulty of finding the right connection at any moment, you also have to take time into consideration. If it takes longer to find a connection that could lead the runners, the other player is completely different from the ones we’re starting from scratch click on the following link.
It should be noted that only the English version of Wikipedia uses wiki runner. If English is not your first language, you might find the game a bit difficult.

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