Who's Your Daddy Who's Your Daddy

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Save your son from all the dangers!

Version: 0.2.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Joe Williams

Game screenshots:

Who's Your Daddy description:

Pending€™s father s, from the beginning, it’s a bad joke. It’s a father and his infant son that plays two-player massively multiplayer game. The purpose of the father it’s closing Cabinets, cleaning products, hiding, or disabling the power output by whether it s in the house, all the dangers, to save the baby. On the other hand, the task in the shortest time horrible end to their life of the baby.
Each round takes only a few minutes of the game. Ingests harmful products or dangerous objects as you hurt yourself with your baby€™s health deteriorates. If he dies, it’s game over. Father€™s goal, when his mother came home keep it alive for as long as possible until saves the family from disaster. Here, the game is actually correct.
Pending€™can be seen as a pretty offensive game with your dad, but it’s really just innocent fun. The graphics are definitely annoying, but at least they don’t get on the screen is a very serious thing.

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