Warzone 2010 Warzone 2010

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Futuristic war strategy in real time!

Version: 2.3.9
Licence: Free
Publisher: Pumpkin Studio

Game screenshots:

Warzone 2010
Warzone 2010
Warzone 2010

Warzone 2010 description:

2010 War artillery, different volumes, mass combat, and pays particular attention to different technology futuristic real-time war strategy game.
The game (in North America, The Strategic Defense Agency) developed a prototype dear sir or madam for satellites armed with nuclear weapons and missile defense launched a program including major 21. places it in the middle of the century. While testing the system… and that changed everything however, when something is wrong.
Separate real-time strategy war game you will find a few things that set Games 2010. For example, unit design, tech tree, with more than 400 different options there is a large radars, and counterattacks. an incredibly detailed system.
In 2010 many people still absolutely love war and good playing online mode and a single player mode that you will fall in love with a game that has very competitive real-time strategy games for fans of a very fun game.

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