Warthogs Warthogs

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A graphic adventure starring Harry Potter!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Crystal Shard

Game screenshots:


Warthogs description:

Hour 19: the best school exams who need to like him as Larry Potter, Harry Potter, the hero of the book of the same name (‘store brand’ version) play point and click graphic adventure.
Adventure, too, Snape, Dumbledore, Hermione, and Ron Weasley will introduce other characters like unofficial versions. All talk and communication between different options you can choose. And every line was performed by the voice actors.
Like any graphic adventure worth its salt, the pigs also explore different scenes and different characters to advance the story you need to talk. Also you can access to solve the puzzle you must use different spells.
These famous characters for a fun story time with some of the players 19: a very fun graphic adventure that is sure to please fans of Harry Potter.

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