Wargames Wargames

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Create nuclear silos and bombard the enemy!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Link3000

Game screenshots:


Wargames description:

War games to protect yourself from nuclear missiles to link to other sites, bunkers, roads, and launch ramps built a real-time strategy game.
In fact, almost all these three things you can do on a map of the building –â and in the meantime, keep the pressure on rivals, on the other side of the world will be the place with the same resources and skills.
Your goal, of course, try to kill your enemy and save your own people. It’s that simple. Distraction-free interface: just select this option and the resources to attack the enemy you can see.
Apocalypse will make you feel like experiencing a nuclear war games (there are only three buttons) with a simple interface and a very simple control system, real-time strategy game.

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