War of the Ring War of the Ring

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The first strategy game based on the Lord of the Rings!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Sierra

Game screenshots:

War of the Ring
War of the Ring
War of the Ring

War of the Ring description:

It was Sierra who accept the challenge, and now the war to the public (warcraft style) for your safety in the first real-time strategy game based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the ring.
Contains creatures, characters and landscapes to create original novel! Just select one from the opposite side (the forces of good, or will you succumb to the power of Sauron?) and build armies.
The game requires a computer with a graphics card good enough is played in a 3D environment, with aerial view. Ever created for a game, Middle-earth setting, as you will be enjoying one of the best soundtracks as well as experience is definitely worth it.
Some features:
Middle-earth or the evil minions of Sauron on film as two single sections: free game or a folk hero.
Medium chapter of the world’s most important battles and events like the Battle of Helms Deep these types of.
I’m feeling the good and bad effects. Conquer Middle earth by Sauron’s minions as the forces of the free people of land which is spread is changed to the time of the fight against corruption.
Incredible weather and lighting effects. When black clouds darken the plains and a storm wind sweeps delivered on a bright and sunny day.
The free peoples of Middle-earth, dwarves, elves and humans as lead.
Bass Sauron€™s minions, Orcs, Goblins and trolls including.
They use their incredible talents on the battlefield.

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