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Funny platform game with a vintage look!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Terry Cavanagh

Game screenshots:


VVVVVV description:

VVVVVV we’ve seen in years most funny and challenging, technical test that will put yourself through a platform game with a vintage look and an innovative playability.
Skip, you need to do now is Snap to the cell and vice versa from the floor to change the force of gravity.
This is an innovative way when using the entire level and skip all the dangerous traps you’ll have to go through on the way to the goal.
Yes, VVVVVV is a really tough game. Sometimes the strategy can continue to quit and think about the match again, and that’s great.
When you finish the game once, you can see the number of those killed, and the number will be very high.
In Short, who should play a phenomenal platform game VVVVVV. You will be surprised.

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