Valkyrie Valkyrie

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An action game without a clear enemy!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Mike MacDee

Game screenshots:


Valkyrie description:

A burden that might sometimes remind Valkyrie Hotline Miami is an action game perspective. Here, the commander of the Atalanta mission to save Greg, who was taken hostage by the terrorists, a former soldier control.
The hero is your problem, the adventure begins when doubt with the help of the group, begins to recover her memories to her childhood. As you advance through the levels and also will start to question what side you’re on.
The game, on the other hand, is quite simple. You can move your character, any enemies you find fire in any direction; usually go after one or two shots. Some weapons, a pistol, a rifle, Desert Eagle, Sword even has access to mine.
In addition to the weapons, the levels, you need to open the locked doors first-aid kits, bulletproof vests, and is filled with other items such as keys.
Valkyrie, good, directly in addition to the game, has a really interesting story that provides the player with a difficult dilemma, action game. If the story doesn’t concern you just shoot, all the time.

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