Unknown Horizons Unknown Horizons

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Real time strategy game focused on resource management!

Version: 2013.3
Licence: Free
Publisher: The Unknown Horizons Developer

Game screenshots:

Unknown Horizons
Unknown Horizons

Unknown Horizons description:

Unknown horizons is completely free, 2D real-time strategy game, focuses on economic management and the structure of the city.
Unknown horizons is an island in the middle of a boat begins. Your task is beginning to settle and exploit the resources on the island. To do this, you need some basic infrastructure that will cost more resources.
To obtain resources, either separately or abuse of the nearby islands, you must deal with other players, or with the natives who live on these islands. However, ita is necessary if you decide you manage to attack them and conquer them, they keep any source.
Sources careful management and policy making will lead to a game master. A try!

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