Union Union

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Strategic combat set in the future!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Jonah Lindell

Game screenshots:


Union description:

Unity-based strategy game to fight the big corporations that dominate the world of the Union, a legal group, a non-governmental organization check out not-too-distant future it takes place in.
The story of the game, then around global issues; over time, divided among the world’s four largest companies. Just keep things from getting worse.
After I started playing, you can control three different characters in order. Own all three action items, and have special abilities, so you need to be smart to use them wisely.
One, for example, there are very few action items, but close-range attacks are best. To draw a far away enemy fire can go the distance.
Graphically speaking, the union is nothing fancy, but with some aspects reminiscent of the Mass Effect saga takes place in a future version of interesting.
The role of the union with the touch of a turn-based strategy game. It’s not very long, but is consistent with the gaming experience.

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