Undercolor Agents Undercolor Agents

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Combat hue infection!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Farmergnome

Game screenshots:

Undercolor Agents
Undercolor Agents
Undercolor Agents

Undercolor Agents description:

Tons of color spanning the entire city under the mission of special agents whose mission is to stop a group of agents, infection control (you can play on the same PC) is an arcade game for eight players.
Players you start each level armed with a pistol, but at the same time you can find many other weapons that are scattered setting itself can be destroyed. Thus, the color hue are not spread throughout the entire level, your goal is to destroy the infection in the shortest time.
These colored squares when it touches a character, you will die in a few seconds. Fortunately, if you’re playing with your friends, seconds before the characters death for infecting color frames you can shoot. For this reason, among others, under the color agents in multiplayer is much more fun.
As crazy as he is constantly under color agents to eight players in the game while following a story line that can shoot the color blocks is a frantic, action-packed arcade game.

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