Ultimate Bruce Lee Ultimate Bruce Lee

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You are Bruce Lee... kill all the bad ninjas!!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Trevor (Smila) Storey

Game screenshots:

Ultimate Bruce Lee
Ultimate Bruce Lee

Ultimate Bruce Lee description:

Ultimate Bruce Lee after he was released again in 1984 original extra unlockable content, new game modes, better graphics, and that improves the game is a remake of the classic Commodore 64 contains tons.
Ninjas stolen by a mad scientist on a dangerous adventure throughout the game and set out to find the elixir of life hidden in his castle, which is advocated by the famous martial arts master Bruce Lee, as we’re going to play.
The judge Crosses the path of every enemy, kick and punch your way through each level and master agility long jump between.
Ultimate Bruce Lee is a great game and hidden game modes for those times and today with the overhaul, just continues to be good. This game combines 84 ‘is required for you to enjoy nostalgic graphics.

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