UFO Alien Invasion UFO Alien Invasion

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Protect the Earth against the alien menace!

Version: 2.5
Licence: GNU
Publisher: UFO Alien Invasion Team

Game screenshots:

UFO Alien Invasion
UFO Alien Invasion
UFO Alien Invasion

UFO Alien Invasion description:

The year is 2084 and the aliens gave the signal of life for the fist time, and the best of intentions isn’t.
UFO alien invasion strategy and in return will fight the alien invasion that was essential to defeat a sci-fi game. Yes, this name, other times you’ve heard the old X-COM Sage is based on. UFO alien invasion has two main game modes: geoscape and Tactical is divided into. First, it allows us to stock the bases with troops and munitions; investigate new technologies and manage the money and accounts.
Secondly, aliens in a variety of scenarios filled with action and fighting against the enemy. Your goal, of course, to win the war, but to be a good strategist in battle this difficult financial and economic resources management.

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