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Check out the TV programming and events!

Version: 6.0303TV
Licence: Free
Publisher: UFC® - The Ultimate Fighting C

Game screenshots:


UFC description:

The UFC on what’s happening in the world of this exciting sport, which has direct access to the latest news and events of the Ultimate Fighting Championship the official app. Plus, if you buy UFC Fight Pass, the fights, including any transfer of live events.
A countdown until the next game always on the main screen of the app appears. The rest of the tabs and filter by Country, recent events) let’s take a look at the results of UFC TV program.
On the left side of the screen the pop-up menu provides easy access to the list of all the UFC fighters. Here is all information you fight, activity, etc per the number of victories and defeats, blows you can check out the average weight in the category. Enable notifications in the dropdown menu, you can buy tickets and images.
You’re probably a fan of the UFC allows you to access all the information you want. great for a formal application. But remember, if you want to stream the fights if you have to pay for UFC Fight Pass.

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