Twigs Twigs

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Defend this couple of beavers!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Deli Interactive

Game screenshots:


Twigs description:

Unfortunately the only purpose of the branches, at night, in the woods, Wolves and bears trying to eat them like a beaver in life which is to come and double-play real-time strategy game.
Throughout the day your goal is to collect firewood and set up a defense. The Beavers so that you can give separate commands for each of them, the other Wolves attack them during builds barricades cut down trees to get wood.
Protect your location while building the game since the tower defense defense is relatively similar. On top of one another and create a defensive barrier, amplify, thus becoming more resistant to enemy attacks.
Branches with very nice graphics really fun strategy game. The idea of the game work to be devoured by a wolf: you will find yourself smiling when you see the beaver that is so crazy.

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