Tux Racer Tux Racer

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Slide down the snow-covered slope and win the championship!

Version: 0.61
Licence: GNU
Publisher: Jasmin Patry

Game screenshots:

Tux Racer
Tux Racer

Tux Racer description:

If the snow if you love games Welcome to a game that will give you hours of fun profitable.
The cold snow is waiting for you. Tux racer Tux, the famous Linux Penguin free open source that we can control the game. Now slide down the slopes and you will be able to win a different race, it’s really funny.
If one or two of the main features was to highlight the simplicity and the power of clear purpose and Tuxedo are easy to control because we want to talk about entertainment.
You will unlock the race Challenge race with different sceneries.
Tux racer is one of those games that is very complicated but highly entertaining and funny because this is one I must try.

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