TripleA TripleA

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Really good game similar to Risk!

Licence: GNU
Publisher: TripleA Team

Game screenshots:


TripleA description:

One of the most played in the history of the board game Risk. The objective of the player conquer all the territories on the map, the risk. Triple the computer or against another player over the internet or intranet, or such as there is a risk of developed in Java that allows you to play a game.
The war of the warrior sheep, defend yourself, and who conquered all the territories on the map, only the target companies decides what will move with that famous throw the dice. Become the king of the triple world.
You can even use the Triple battle teams attack and defend their land because oceans several kind of features and includes a tour in the Army who doesn’t take risks.
Between the different types of select a map found in the game. The battle is about to begin, so prepare yourself and try to be the new emperor of the world catch TripleA dice.

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