Trash Trash

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Humans and Mutants battle for control of the trash!

Licence: Trial
Publisher: Inhuman Games

Game screenshots:


Trash description:

The only source for controlling human and mutant war trash: garbage is a post-apocalyptic future, basic (RTS game) is a spectacular strategy game in real frost.
Warcraft, into a war between two races or empires, command and conquer, garbage inspired by games such as age of the place. how can you win? Open, truly a great Arsenal to use against the enemy and have ATC.
On the one hand, the human world to find and attack the heirs in the construction of the machine expert. Powers is based on technology and Armory.
On the other hand, arising from the effects of nuclear radiation mutants, creatures find. Have a clear mission, and people they want to bring you into a mutant. Do not use armory because it gives them very special powers mutation.
And is no place for these two races, both by keeping them alive in the trash of the current source.
Graphically appealing, the garbage is really playable and the map is really good. In addition, addictive and you can play it for free online.
Choose your group and have fun.

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