Transphoria Transphoria

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Blood, terror and first person shooter!

Licence: Free
Publisher: ManyHat

Game screenshots:


Transphoria description:

Transphobia that uses internet single-player and co-op modes you can play in first-person action game, players to end the threat of the mutants who live there, underground, you need to go.
The game follows the steps of the majority of FPS games. In other words, the action almost always takes place in the environment constantly attack the mutants in the room. Fortunately, the mutants are very durable and although it has quite a number, the weapon don’t, so you have an advantage there.
There are also a few different weapons at your disposal. You start off with an automatic shotgun, but it€™s a shooter with a machine gun or plasma to be very careful that you have a lot of time to find t there.
Despite being independent and a free game, Transphoria, comes with great graphics. Enemy definitely is not up to standard animations, but the modeling is pretty good.
Great co-op fun that can be a nice action game. The only drawback is only comes with three different levels to take down the mutants.

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