Tiny Soldiers 2 Tiny Soldiers 2

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Train your army and battle versus nazis!

Version: 1.10
Licence: Free
Publisher: King and Me

Game screenshots:

Tiny Soldiers 2
Tiny Soldiers 2
Tiny Soldiers 2

Tiny Soldiers 2 description:

2 Small Soldiers in World War II, the Nazis responsible for a group of soldiers who have to fight violently is a funny game in places. Your goal is to go forward and reach the end of the 2D scenario. An environment with lots of enemies on fire and throwing grenades.
Fortunately, our troops to fight weapon: guns and grenades adds. Positioned as different enemies in different environments, different tasks.
The graphical aspect of the game, it’s not surprising, but gives a retro look that will delight lovers of the game. Little Soldiers game in a few minutes, light and short there is a learning curve. To relax by shooting the enemies if the weapon catch if you want to just start again.

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