Tiltamaze Tiltamaze

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Enjoy this marvellous game in your computer!

Version: 0.94
Licence: Free
Publisher: Funesse Games

Game screenshots:


Tiltamaze description:

This virtual version of the classic game titamazed. One of the games we played for hours in our spare time. Our goal is to lead the ball to the finish each hole, not to enter into, because this game is sick, and supposed to be useful.
The style developed in 3D, this addictive game is a constant struggle between the player and the machine. You have to lead the ball patiently, and that’s not easy, more than one hole open in the path failure a small ball and finish the game.
We got the original game board and be patient with our hands, and now it’s the mouse for us.
Reach the finish line. Your hands get ready, it’s time to titamazed.

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