ThinkTanks ThinkTanks

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Fun battles between smart tanks!

Version: 1.1
Licence: Trial
Publisher: BraveTree Productions

Game screenshots:


ThinkTanks description:

Unique think tank that is attached to the roof of a tank with a brain to take control of the third person action game where you’re behind. Enemy tanks facing other large outdoor settings.
Take on different tanks, each one with its own appearance (the heavier ones and the lighter ones) attributes. With that said, you choose the tank, or go faster for a short period in a more powerful way to shoot, fun power-ups can benefit from no matter what.
During battles, your goal (if not the brain destroy the tank before if you play online or against bots if you’re playing by yourself, other players may be) the other competitors to finish.
Thinktanks give a very entertaining game that you can play with your friends. Throwing the ball at the end never goes out of style.

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