The X-Files: Deep State The X-Files: Deep State

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The truth is out there and you can find it!

Version: 2.6.4
Licence: Free
Publisher: CM TA2

Game screenshots:

The X-Files: Deep State
The X-Files: Deep State
The X-Files: Deep State

The X-Files: Deep State description:

Occupation files (X:) X-Files: The Deep State associated with Paranormal Activity FBI special agent who has to investigate a series of crimes that could be to play a graphic adventure. Special agent at the beginning of the game you can create and customize your character however you want.
Only the deep state like classical hidden object games, this game the X-Files:. Your main task is to find all necessary clues in this crime scene, the faster you do it, keeping in mind that the better your score will be. Once Upon a time all the evidence to the laboratory for analysis, you can get everything.
X-Files: The Deep State is another important aspect of the game conversations with witnesses and suspects. During this talk, you can choose between the different answers that can give you some very valuable information.
The Deep State, the actual interesting adventure game with great graphics and some interesting stories so the TV series X-Files:.

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