The Ur-Quan Masters The Ur-Quan Masters

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Cruise outer space and live your own adventure!

Version: Beta
Licence: Free
Publisher: The Ur-Quan Masters

Game screenshots:

The Ur-Quan Masters
The Ur-Quan Masters
The Ur-Quan Masters

The Ur-Quan Masters description:

-Quan Masters, Star Control 2 Star Control The Ur classic version also known as what it says on the tin: a version for the original game was developed after the source code was released to the public.
-Quan Masters, ur goal is just different galaxies and constellations, an interstellar space adventure aboard the ship to make the journey to live and carry the orders of the team.
Face a lot of difficulties to solve throughout the adventure in many different ways. Sometimes the representatives of other alien races you’ll meet are negotiable. Other times – †when absolutely necessary“ and a fight you need to draw a gun. Ideally, in any case, the ship will survive as long as possible, so it is better to go to fight it.
-Quan Masters adventure turns into ur personal space, arcade, strategy, role-playing and action games. An amazing adventure that all science fiction fans will love. And probably a lot of non-fans.

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