The Train The Train

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Terror comes to the railcars!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: TheUnbeholden

Game screenshots:

The Train
The Train
The Train

The Train description:

The train in which the player wakes up in a wagon without knowing why first-person controls a character in a horror game. And never it won’t take more than a few seconds to realize something wasn’t right.
With these scary and weird when you scroll through the different cars of a train are increasingly faced with situations where we’ll be. Self-moving mannequins to scare you, all kinds of vehicles, working with the Rainbow Children… The Ghosts of classic horror Really Here you can find the list of items is too long.
The story in order to be able to move forward and go on with your life by solving different puzzles you need to solve most of these cases. In some cases, the loved object to a ghost of the train between the seats to locate an object, you need to move a lot of the other, and others simply defend yourself.
Excellent graphics, especially the train a spectacular setting with the benefits of a horror adventure. Although not very long, this is an outstanding adventure that you will find a number of different levels of terrorism.

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