The Suffering The Suffering

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A revolutionary action-horror experience!

Version: 2
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Surreal Software

Game screenshots:

The Suffering
The Suffering
The Suffering

The Suffering description:

This time, Torque the main character, we will try to give him a lot of terrorific monsters to fight against death.
Torque antiquitate around everything that moves.
The story of the game is really good and to fight against everything that is in front of the computer for hours will be one of the things we do.
If you have like action games that just shoot and run, probably thi game, but this time (so it’s not easy but very, very difficult to do anything else.
Torque on the streets and that€™s struggle with his own madness, the struggle between good and evil and the torque by selecting the actual date of find.
Your mission is simple, to give death to every monster around you.

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