The Spirit Engine 2 The Spirit Engine 2

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Play the role of the good in this incredible adventure!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Mark Pay

Game screenshots:

The Spirit Engine 2
The Spirit Engine 2
The Spirit Engine 2

The Spirit Engine 2 description:

The spirit Engine 2 is superior in many aspects to the developer who created by a two dimensional original in a world of fantasy role-playing game.
Throughout this first adventure, two-dimensional, only the group determine the patterns of attack during battles particularly relevant in scenarios where you need to be able to play like move the character with something to prove, and will carry out the actions.
The second most important element in the game is very carefully designed and very satisfying visual experience that will give you an artistic design and unique thanks to the careful drawing in the style of Pixel motion graphics.
Contains some really great songs, stunning visuals and perfect music that complements the game there is last but not least.
The spirit Engine 2 is a great free RPG, that fans of the genre should not miss. That provides at least 20 hours of fun game.

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