The Soul of Dracula The Soul of Dracula

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Only the best vampire slayer can kill Dracula!

Version: 1.02
Licence: Free
Publisher: Bunaguchi

Game screenshots:

The Soul of Dracula
The Soul of Dracula
The Soul of Dracula

The Soul of Dracula description:

With the soul of Dracula, a vampire hunter armed with a whip to play a platform game with action and adventure, the mountains in the depths of Count Dracula’s Castle must venture to find. Once inside, you have to kill Dracula.
Basically, the same elements as the newest member of the legendary game Castlevania since this game is almost a newer version of. First and foremost, in the game, you’ll see the similarities: different 2D levels you have to go through and kill all the enemies with a whip.
Inspired by the spirit of Dracula Castlevania enemies. Zombie, a bone-throwing skeletons, bats, ghosts, and even big bosses like death you can find. Similar to the weapons you can use: by default start with a whip, but at the same time replace it with a metal chain.
The spirit of Dracula, even though the visuals are just average, especially in new member offers a very enjoyable experience to be appreciated by fans of the legendary series Castlevania saga is a great gift.

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