The Reconstruction The Reconstruction

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Turn-based battles and role-playing in a world of pirates!

Version: 1.07
Licence: Free
Publisher: Deltree

Game screenshots:

The Reconstruction description:

Re-in which a group of adventurers find more than a dozen of the crew on a pirate ship as you battle role-playing game is a mix of traditional based.
The adventure begins aboard, but it won’t be long before we explore the boundaries of the outside world. In fact, the group of heroes as new characters for beginner, everything you’ll start to discover a story that contains as little gods.
The attributes of characters in your group modeled in typical RPG fashion. Strength, Agility, Health, magic, etc. this body, mind and spirit will be using the values as. This can be developed with experience, and this, in the end, will help you defeat the most powerful enemies.
Followed a more traditional style, and the war itself: the team usually outnumber enemies, who must give orders to their units move on a grid to overcome.
Restructuring made with quite old graphics (more than 20 hours) a significant amount of the game’s traditional role-playing game. In any case, very interesting RPG style concepts an exceptional name.

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