The Plan The Plan

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A fly's journey... or maybe something more?!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Krillbite Studio

Game screenshots:

The Plan
The Plan
The Plan

The Plan description:

In the plan, the player that should take over the role of a simple fly can fly where you can go anywhere very special interactive experience. As far as a fly can it go? Going to find you.
This ‘game’ mechanics are quite simple: fly with the arrow keys and something else you can check. So, pressing the Up arrow key and the left and right arrows you can change direction instantly go up. It’s so easy.
The game can be played very easy. That might be the fly caught in the Spider’s web in which except for a moment, this plan does not demand any great skill level. All you need is the determination to keep the game on the fly and exploring the world unknown.
The game as you advance, you will discover wonderful places. Initially, only trees and Brush, but as you continue upward to the sky and the famous pillar of creation.
The plan is to inspire the players some questions, maybe the answers will be interesting and an interactive experience. Dark, beautiful graphics and a solid soundtrack combine to attract players.

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