The Oil Blue The Oil Blue

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A fun simulator where you sell petroleum!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Vertigo Games

Game screenshots:

The Oil Blue
The Oil Blue
The Oil Blue

The Oil Blue description:

The oil Blue, which is the original purpose, of course, which is important in the president of an oil company, Oil Price as high as possible to sell and upgrade strategy game.
To obtain oil, precious black gold from the sea floor to extract, you must use a series of drills. This is a must watch a few tutorials to understand how it works, and while this is quite easy and fun to do almost exclusively with the mouse does not do anything.
The aim of the game barrels of things to sell because it is in any case of oil extraction is only the beginning. You can get more money for each barrel, the advantage to play well and try to pick a time. And as you play you’ll get experience points and improvements that will make it more fun and complex.
The oil Blue is a very interesting game. If you love strategy and management games, you should definitely check it out.

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