The Maze of Galious The Maze of Galious

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The classic MSX returns to PC!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Brain Games

Game screenshots:

The Maze of Galious
The Maze of Galious
The Maze of Galious

The Maze of Galious description:

The classic 80s game of the same name, the maze of Galious. Two knights of Rome, and Aphrodite plays like, bad and you must kill him to get through the maze of Galious.
Game keys that they will have to explore in order to find a way to escape the 2D world is divided into. Along the way, all kinds – bats, skeletons, worms, etc enemy we are against. a puzzle, which will make things more difficult as you go to another –.
You can switch between the two characters whenever you want, and there is almost no difference between them in terms of ability. Another advantage is that they provide an extra life will be the case.
This version also contains the different display options of the maze of galious. On the initial screen, four about the way the graphics are displayed, you will be able to choose between the available options.
The maze of Galious so much better today it was published 20 years ago as a fun platform adventure game. Also, the game has a direct effect on La Mulan immediately recognizes that everyone who is a fan of this game.

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