The Man in the Mirror The Man in the Mirror

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Escape from the asylum with help from a demon!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Numeron Reactor

Game screenshots:

The Man in the Mirror
The Man in the Mirror
The Man in the Mirror

The Man in the Mirror description:

The man in the Mirror who are isolated in a padded room in a mental hospital and acute schizophrenic patients control a patient of a very strange role-playing game.
When everything changes, isolation and psychological problems, thanks to him, a demon sees. Strangely enough, the demon invites him to a demonic dimension and go into the room helps. You can use these dimensions for accessing hard to reach areas of the map.
As you play, sorry that you are entering the demonic dimension, the demons themselves psychologists like enemy types you face their own psychological issues. To defend yourself, stones, knives, and other temporary weapon you can use.
The combat system, many roguelikes, turn-based. Every time you hit an enemy, the enemy will have a chance to hit you.
The man in the mirror with a strange design portable. Instead of just the combat system or the main character has a unique story that focuses on the statistics of in an interesting world.

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