The Lore of Lorewyn The Lore of Lorewyn

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A JRPG with an unexpected plot!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: TriangleHard

Game screenshots:

The Lore of Lorewyn
The Lore of Lorewyn
The Lore of Lorewyn

The Lore of Lorewyn description:

Loreen Lore, the traditional view, and the game behind it, hides a story of surprising plot twists where nothing is as it seems appropriate with the Super Nintendo€“in the style of a JRPG.
Self-and finds himself in a medieval fantasy world what he’s doing there, and why is there a shortage of without trying to remember who I was following him you’re playing. Fortunately, Mia, Apprentice magician, there is a dedicated to helping him.
20-hour game development is very traditional. A series of random battles against tons of enemies while fighting in other words, the move to a linear story. If as is usually the case if you win these fights, you will gain experience of trying to level up.
You can use high levels of your characters in battle, more capabilities. And these abilities will be absolutely necessary to defeat the toughest enemies of the game.
Loreen Lore long, fun and different a traditional RPG. The story seems normal at first, even though it looks a lot more than hide.

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