The Last Phoenix The Last Phoenix

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The last Phoenix in its most complicated adventure!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Barbossal

Game screenshots:

The Last Phoenix
The Last Phoenix
The Last Phoenix

The Last Phoenix description:

Similar to last Phoenix classic arcade flight simulators, the game is an action game that uses. But this time, other mythological birds Phoenix you’re wearing a feather in the fight against recent. Faced with their claws and special attacks against these creatures.
Now, you will have to face many enemies, although the main object of the game is to restore color and life to the world. So, constantly attacks the enemies in each level to complete a number of tasks very easy to thanks none.
The levels in the game are quite large and give you more freedom to explore the sky, soaring around, fight enemies and discover the secrets.
And like the Phoenix, the last phoenix of this movement: freedom is the best part. Positive fire, the air attack with its claws or turn the hero into a line to destabilize someone else from charging attacks. Firestorms have the ability to unleash special attacks even write a scene coal.
Last Phoenix graphics is really impressive. The right by using the Unreal Engine make the game attractive, awe all combine to leave hit-with amazing animations for the birds,
The last Phoenix is a fairly original concept, offering somewhere between Ookami and maybe IL – 2 Sturmovik fun, beautiful game.

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