The High Road The High Road

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The adventures of an intrepid cleaning lady!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: QC Polmer

Game screenshots:

The High Road
The High Road
The High Road

The High Road description:

Cleaning high the way the bullet to him, someone in his position who need to know all the challenges that one might encounter in an office building as a janitor to play a weird RPG.
To avoid this work, racks, trash cans, flower pots, etc against the ins. you’ll have to play a mini-game that contains a very quick math solving. A couple of easy sums of the levels will do the job, but things get more complex as you have to do a few multiplication and divisions.
The story of the High Way is very important, let’s explore what is happening in the building where the cleaning woman worked. The dialogue between the hero and the rest of the employees in the building, there is a link between the plot and gameplay perfect.
The high road is a completely different experience from what we are used to seeing most of the players. In the story, the protagonist of his game and a breath of fresh air to the RPG style.

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