The Fourth Wall The Fourth Wall

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Embark into this wizard's magical adventure!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Digipen

Game screenshots:

The Fourth Wall
The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall description:

The fourth wall in the lifetime of a wizard and play puzzle platform game. The first few levels, it begins as a child without any power. Go through the levels and begins to grow, develop new skills and abilities.
The purpose of the game there are 16 different levels you just have to find the way out. Your biggest enemy for the environment, naturally, this is not an easy task. Think creatively to get from one point to another, using the capabilities existing at the present time.
Initially, just a different place and going on a date with a side of the screen in the fall. However, as you advance in the game, you have to use parts of your surroundings, deal with the enemy, keys, etc.
The fourth wall is really interesting puzzle game that any fan should try to experience. Also, it’s completely free and takes a good amount of time to beat it.

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