The Chains of Poverty The Chains of Poverty

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The epic adventure of a chainsaw!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: AbstrAKT Games

Game screenshots:

The Chains of Poverty description:

He runs out of gas before the chain of poverty in a theater packed with everything a saw to cut the puppets like you need a violent game to play. Because if it sounds ridiculous, yes.
The artificial intelligence of the game thanks to the crazy story chained their own lives in the future is falling, but brought laser technology to become obsolete. Therefore, live in poverty should be involved in theatre performances and chained for a living depressing.
Vroom, the hero, enter the following: avoid dangerous objects in these shows, bombs and fruit, were taken by the audience as much as he can even though he makes a living by cutting down.
A showing more objects that can cut, the more money you’ll earn to buy products for the home, which starts with absolutely nothing. And like to buy furniture and other things, Vroom gains more abilities.
Of crap does nothing to mask the chain of poverty, that’s a stupid game. Fun to play, a classic game which is never a bad thing Isaac, The Binding of recall graphics.

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