The Art of Dying The Art of Dying

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A platformer in which you'll die many, many times!

Version: 1.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: DoorKnobHandle

Game screenshots:

The Art of Dying description:

The art of death painful and difficult levels for the player to make his own path, where they have six 2B. Only a few like? Trust us, it’s not.
The game has two difficulty levels: very difficult and painful. First, Can you give up early, probably more the latter.but I find it hard to finish the third level.
The controls are fairly simple: break the boxes and jump attack the enemy, the traditional double-jump, and there’s a sword at the same time. There’s nothing else. With controls this simple, you have to make your way through traps filled with making everything easier.
Well crafted the art of dying is as hard as Super Meat Boy, or Unfair because of their ability to challenge and entertain, which brings to mind titles like Platform 2B.

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